New British Shorthair Litters available from our members
Listing will remain for up to 8 weeks.  
Once you sell a kitten please notify Jan to update the listing

To get a listing here please contact Jan Bradley with the following details:

  • Breeders name and prefix

  • DOB of litter, kittens must be at least 4 weeks old to be listed here. 

  • GCCF registered or confirm they will be

  • Leaving date ( no earlier than 13 weeks or 7 days after their second vaccine.

    Colours and or patterns.

  • Email address.

    Please confirm that you are happy for this club to publish your contact details. Note that listings will be removed after the leaving date if we do not hear from you.  To re-list please then contact Jan. 

Listing Date 11.9.22

Listing Date 21.9.22

Geraldine Tapping
Tapmacks BSH
1 cream boy
1 Blue-Cream girl
! Black Tortie girl
Born 16th July.
Call:  07949 545586


Jan Bradley
Sheephouse BSH
1 Black male born 1.6.22
1 Cream & White born 11.5.22 

email: or call 07976 243706

Listing Date 11.10.22

Listing Date 9.11.22

Chris Hazel
Wyrewood BSH
GCCF Registered
Blue-Cream female 
DOB: 11.5.22

Call: 07752 515158

Kelli Bickerton
Henbrits BSH
GCCF Registered
1 Blue & White Harlequin female 
2 Blue & White harlequin males
DOB: 23.8.22

Call: 07720 880018

Listing Date 3.10.22

Julie Hillyard
Mabledon BSH
GCCF Registered
3 Blue boys
1 Blue Spotted boy
Born 30.5.22

Call: 07813 698505