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About the beautiful British Shorthair

A quarter of all kittens registered with the GCCF each year are British Shorthairs, making the British the most popular pedigree cat in the UK. The British is a patient, relaxed soulmate, forming strong bonds with human companions of all ages and being tolerant of other pets such as dogs and rabbits.  Whilst not overly talkative, your British will take a great interest in the family routines and will make sure that he is always on hand to ensure things are done properly and on time!  British kittens have an adorable teddy-bear quality which combines with a comical and affectionate personality.  Slow to mature, the calm and easygoing British deserves his  place as number one in the hearts of the British family. 

The Breed Standard, has been given a full overhaul by the BAC. 

The link is to the Council Approved full new Standard of Points. 

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