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Kitten List & Advice page

A Reputable Cat Breeder

At The Southern British Shorthair Cat Club we are passionate about our animals. We love helping people find the perfect new addition for their families and enjoy a reputation as a kind and caring Cat Breeder. 

So, If you are looking for a British Shorthair or Selkirk Rex kitten, then please as the secretary for the up to date kitten list which will be published here once we have established our 2022 members listing. 

The Club cannot be held responsible for the health of kittens, it is up to the purchaser to ensure they are healthy.
Any complaints regarding the health of a kitten purchased should be taken up with the breeder, if a complaint needs to be taken further then please contact The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy at

If current Members wish to be listed on the Breeders, Kitten or Rehome List then please contact the Club Secretary


In the meantime below is a link to the GCCF website Kitten page with a You Tube video giving helpful advice. 

This page is still under construction

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